Mooneys - Kingsize 60 Skin : Possum Fur Throw/Quilt

Mooneys - Kingsize 60 Skin : Possum Fur Throw/Quilt
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This kingsize quilt, or throw, is New Zealand made from 60 possum pelts/skins. The opposum is an introduced species that nightly reeks havoc on huge areas of New Zealand's precious native vegetation. Their fur is sumptuously soft and incredibly warm. Whether it is used naturally as these skins/pelts have been, or mixed with another natural fibre and spun into a yarn that is knitted into garments or accessories, it produces the most luxurious of products. Skins are maticulously matched and then joined to form throws or quilts of varying sizes, (depending on the number of skins used). The throws are then backed with a quality polyester 'suedette' fabric of either black or brown colour. These throws are quite unique and would complement any home. Usually they are produced in the natural brown of the possum, as pictured, but they can also be ordered in the natural grey colour that the possum is also known for. This kingsize throw/quilt/bedspread measures approx 225cm x 215cm (7'4" x 7') or 5 X 12 pelts. Do not wash or dryclean, merely wipe with damp cloth and air dry. PLEASE NOTE WE WILL HAVE TO QUOTE SHIPPING COSTS PRIOR TO ACCEPTING ANY ORDER. This 60 pelt/skin throw is the largest available, with 12 pelts being the smallest, please enquire.

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