Canterbury Sheepskin 'Artica' MKII Sheepskin Boot

Canterbury Sheepskin 'Artica' MKII Sheepskin Boot
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Sheepskin Ugg Boots

New Zealand made, 100% sheepskin, ugg boots featuring cosy wool on the inside of the ugg boot with suede finish on the outside. The top edge is turned out and stitched down at the back, for comfort, and front stands up and has top stitching, but has the option of turning it down to match the back. The heal and toe are reinforced with an extra layer of top stitched suede and the synthetic rubber, grip, sole is securely stitched to the boot. All centre back, side and front ankle seams are stitched with the sheepskin showing on the outside and a complementary thin strip of leather is criss-crossed around the front of the boot, tying at the back behind the heal, giving extra appeal. Available in NZ sizes 4 through to 10 (being US 5 through to 11).

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