McDonald - Possum & Merino Multi Tone Cuff Gloves

McDonald - Possum & Merino Multi Tone Cuff Gloves
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  • You will enjoy the warmth of these smart and elegant Possum Fur and Merino Wool gloves.
  • The gloves are knitted with an attractive 8cm zig zag patterned band in a contrasting colour combination to offset the main colourway of the glove.
  • Crafted in New Zealand from 35% Possum fur, 55% Merino Wool and 10% Mulberry Silk, this combination will give you the ultimate in comfort and warmth.
  • Accessorise with the matching scarf and hat.
  • Hand wash following care instructions.

 McDonald Glove Measurements





 16cm - 16.5cm

 6.3” - 6.5”

 18.5cm - 19.5cm

 7.3” - 7.7”

 20cm - 22cm  

 7.8” - 8.7”








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