McDonald - Possum & Merino Ombre Snood

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  • If you want to stay cosy on a chilly day do it in style by wearing a McDonald Ombre Snood. The elegant seamless loop looks even more gorgeous depending on which colour you choose.
  • It looks luxurious and you can tell they’ve spent a lot of time crafting it to perfection. At first glance it shouts high-quality, plus on closer inspection it’s got subtle qualities too. It’s fancy enough to wear at all times in any situation.
  • Each McDonald garment is specially made with a unique blend of 50% merino, 35% possum, and 10% mulberry silk. When combined together these fabrics feel great to touch and will last many years.
  • One Size Fits All - Perfect for an easy fit or gift idea. Approx Size : 140cm x 34cm. 
  • Proudly made in New Zealand with a little help from Mother Nature.
  • Washing instructions: please follow the instructions printed on the care label. 

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