Mooneys - 28 Skin : Possum Fur Throw/Quilt

Mooneys - 28 Skin : Possum Fur Throw/Quilt
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  • Add a little glamour to your home, or warmth to your bed with this possum fur throw is made up of 28 possum skins/pelts that have been meticulously matched and then joined to form a handy size throw.
  • The throws are then backed with a quality polyester 'suedette' fabric of either black or brown colour.
  • Generally produced in this natural brown of the possum, but they can also be ordered in the natural grey colouring that the possum is also known for.
  • Do not wash or dryclean, merely wipe with damp cloth and air dry.
  • Throws vary in size from 12 pelts/skins through to 60 skins, please enquire. PLEASE NOTE: we will have to quote shipping costs prior to accepting any order.
  • This throw is 4 x 7 skins and measures approx 180cm x 126cm.

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