Norsewear - Merino Possum Low Tension Health Sock

Norsewear - Merino Possum Low Tension Health Sock
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Our new 'Merino Possum Low Tension Health Socks' are designed for premium comfort.

These socks are made without a top band to avoid restriction and to promote healthy blood circulation to your feet.

We’ve added of a terry sole for extra cushioning so your feet continue to feel great even when you’re wearing shoes.

Made in New Zealand by Norsewear from a premium blend of 25% Possum Fur, 18% Cotton, 38% Merino Wool, 15% Nylon and 4% Lycra. 

Possum and Merino Wool combines for extra health benefits in resisting odour and bacteria.

Care Instructions : Wash them in warm water with soft detergent. Line dry – do not tumble dry and do not iron.

Although the packaging notes 'Urban Man' it is a unisex sock, suitable for both men and women. 


 S (2-5) 

 M (6-10) 

 L (King) 

 NZ/AUS/UK (Womens) 

  4-8  9-12  12+

 NZ/AUS/UK (Mens)

  2-5  6-10  11-13


  4-8  9-12  12-14


 35-39  40-43  43+





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