OBR Merino Magyar Cape

OBR Merino Magyar Cape
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  • Slip this loose fitting Cowl Neck OBR Merino Cape over your head and enjoy all the comfort and warmth of wearing 100% lightweight Merino Wool.
  • The firm fitting cuffs give way to a loose fitting upper armhole area which gives you loads of room for movement and keeps the cape in place.
  • Split sides ensure that garment simply falls away from the body without hugging your waist or tummy area.
  • Ideal for busy women who need comfort, warmth and casual fashion.
  • Readily machine laundered and quick drying.
  • One size fitting makes shopping a breeze. Choose from one of 10 fashionable colours.
  • Designed and made by the women of OBR Merino, New Zealand for women of all ages and sizes.

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