Optimum Merino - Duster Long Cardigan

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 This elegant piece of merino knitwear can go with just about any style. 

The warmth and softness make this 'Duster' Long Cardigan a perfect choice for those cold days.

This cardigan is ideal for taller women or anyone who would love a cardigan with a generous length. 

A perfect garment to treat yourself with or someone special!

Available in one stunning colour, aubergine. 

Made in New Zealand by Optimum Knitwear from 100% Super Soft Extra Fine 20.5 Mircron Merino. Merino naturally provides a warm, breathable and comfortable layer.

Please note there are only limited sizes and numbers left! Be sure to order if you love this garment to avoid disappointment. 

** Sold out of Size 18 **

Optimum Size Chart :

 NZ/AUS - 8 

 NZ/AUS - 10

 NZ/AUS - 12

 NZ/AUS - 14

 NZ/AUS - 16

 NZ/AUS - 18


 USA - S

 USA - M

 USA - L


 USA - 2XL


 EU - XS

 EU - S

 EU - M

 EU - L

 EU - XL

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