Possum Pam- Fingerless Gloves

Possum Pam- Fingerless Gloves
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Product Details

  • Possum Pam finger-less gloves are made from possum leather that has been processed so fur still remains and is on the inside of the gloves whilst the outer skin is dark brown with a suede texture with black leather edging.
  • They are light weight whilst being incredibly warm, strong and hard wearing. Great for Arthritis sufferers or outdoors people.
  • The simple slip-on design allows for freedom of movement of your fingers and thumb but keeps your hands and wrists warm.  The XL gloves feature domes that you can open down the side to make them easier to take on and off on larger hands.
  • All sizes have a brass dome to keep them together for easy storage
  • Possum fur is a hollow fibre similar to the fur of polar bears and it is able to trap millions of air bubbles that gives it great insulating properties whilst also being breathable.
  • As this is a natural leather product from wild possums, there may be slight surface blemishes and imperfections in these products and no two gloves will be exactly alike.
  • Measurements (approximate)
    Size Circumference Length
    Small 22 cm 14 cm
    Medium 24 cm 16 cm
    Large 26 cm 18 cm
    X-Large 28 cm 20 cm

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