Possumdown Merino Possum Striped Glovelet

Possumdown Merino Possum Striped Glovelet
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  • These entirely practical glovelets offer all the benefits of warm hands, wrists and forearms with the added length a real bonus.
  • Fingers are free and unrestricted.
  • A great feature of these glovelets is the fitted wrist area combined with the added length which extends to just below the elbow.
  • For those needing to keep hands warm, while remaining active, these are a great option.
  • The super insulating blend of 60% Merino wool, 30% Possum fur and 10% nylon is soft warm, non itch and breathable.
  • The fine two tone stripe with a black background is subtle, practical and smart.
  • Proudly New Zealand made by Possumdown in a one size fitting. Available in plain black or ruby/black or natural/black colour options.
  • Hand wash and dry flat naturally following care instructions attached.

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