Little Wool Company Hand Dyed Merino Wrap - Autumn

Autumn shades
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  • This superior quality, lightweight 100% Merino wool wrap is made in New Zealand.
  • The high qulaity Merino wool is hand dyed to produce the most exquisite palette of colour and makes each wrap a uniquely different 'statement' accessory.
  • Each wrap is individually knitted on a hand operated manual knitting machine. Phots represent the different colour variations and tones available, but not two wraps are identical.
  • The colour 'Autumn' is a mix of oranges, ochres, reds and pink. The colour palette of this wrap will enable you to wear it with lots of different garments and wardrobe combinations.
  • These Merino wool wraps are the ultimate accessory item and are beautiful and original gifts for a special person or for a special occasion.
  • 220cm long x 55cm wdie.
  • Gentle handwash and dry flat.

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