Lothlorian Merino - Possum 'Omaha' Cabled Jacket

Lothlorian Merino - Possum 'Omaha' Cabled Jacket
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  • This on-trend cabled merino wool and possum fur jacket is a new release from Lothlorian. It will provide you with fantastic warmth and style.
  • Made in New Zealand, the softness of 40% possum fur combined with 50% merino wool and 10% nylon give great warmth and insulation without excessive weight and bulk.
  • The full length zipper gives you two versatile style options with a collar when open or a polo neck when zipped all the way up.
  • The great texture provided by the cable panels and the ribbed collar, cuffs and band makes this an attractive wardrobe addition which can be worn both casually or for more formal occasions.
  • Proudly New Zealand made by Lothlorian and available in an attractive colour palette.
  • Hand wash following care instructions.
  • Approximate Sizing Guide
    Style  Measurements XS S M L XL XXL
         cm  cm cm cm cm cm
    9839 Chest 44.5 46.0 49.0 52.0 53.5 56.5
      Body 58.0 60.0 62.0 64.0 66.0 66.0
      Sleeve 72.0 74.0 76.0 78.0 80.0 82.0

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