OBR Merino Button Wrap

OBR Merino Button Wrap
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  • This fun yet practical OBR Merino Wool Button Wrap can be worn a number of different ways for distinctly different looks.
  • Wear it casually, or for more dressy occasions, layered for additional warmth over all seasons.
  • The feature of this wrap is the button detail which adds additional styling and versatility. It is ideal for breastfeeding mothers.
  • Designed and made by the women of OBR, New Zealand, for women of all ages and sizes from 100% Merino wool.
  •  'One size fitting'. Measuring 148cm by 72cm. Women that are taller or over size 16 are recommended to select the plus size version of this wrap.
  • An ideal gift for someone special and superb for those that travel and are on the move and need versatile co-ordinates.
  • Choose from a great new selection of 10 gorgeous new colours.
  • Readily machine laundered and quick drying.

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