Selke - The 'Oilskin'

Selke - The 'Oilskin'
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  • This Selke ‘Oilskin’ Hat is unbelievable if you want a stylish but basic hat you can throw on all the time. It’s got some fantastic properties you’ll love.
  • It comes with a 7cm wide brim to protect your head from the sun. The oilskin helps guard against other elements too. It’s especially good to wear in wet conditions.
  • Other cool features include a chin strap to guarantee your hat doesn’t blow away + it’s crushable so you can carry it around anywhere.
  • It’s a traditional dark brown coloured hat.
  • Proudly made in New Zealand with a little help from Mother Nature.
  • Please note: this hat should last you many years if you look after it carefully as per the instructions.
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