Zaza Merino Two Tone Checkered Dress

Zaza Merino Two Tone Checkered Dress
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Stretchy and comfortable to wear, the checkered pattern of this dress flatters any figure through its emphasis on both horizontal and vertical lines.

The two colours divide the body on the bust, causing a visual tapering effect that is accentuated by the black side panels.


The Zaza brand is the result of collaboration between Susie Asselstine, a Paris-trained fashion designer, and Otago Knitwear, who also produce Silver Stream.

Zaza offers buyers the expert craftsmanship of Otage Knitwear, who specialise in creating a "lace-like textured fabric", alongside Asseltine's experience as a designer, to make garments that are technically marvelous, but also look exquisite.


Made in New Zealand.

100% merino wool.

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