Merino Lanolin and Collagen Creme SPF30

Merino Lanolin and Collagen Creme SPF30
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This well researched product is made in New Zealand from a mix of marine (not beef) collagen, lanolin, vitamin E and SPF30 sunscreens. This creme is designed to be used on the face, neck, chest and back of hands or on any other part of the body where wrinkling is beginning to appear. It helps the skin cells hold moisture, thus making the skin softer. The marine collagen in the product is designed to replace the rigid and aged collagen in the skin with a more flexible form of collagen. Like any product containing sunscreen, it does tend to be sweated and/or rubbed off during the day and so it will need to be re-applied if exposure to the sun is likely. It also contains a light perfume.

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    Merino Lanolin Collagen Creme

    Posted by J.Mason on 3rd Jul 2018

    This stuff is amazing! I suffer from roseascia & had a hard time finding a creme my face liked, but this is it. It has been for the past 5 years & this place is affordable & fast to the US!