Selke - Suede Leather Hat with Plait

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Keep your head and neck out of the sun this summer with this Suede Leather Hat. Including an extra feature, a plait running around the brim of the hat. 

Proudly made in New Zealand with a little help from Mother Nature.

Please note: this hat should last you many years if you look after it carefully as per the instructions.

Facts about Selke Headgear: 

Selke hats are made from carefully selected quality leathers, however imperfections and marks in the leather are indicative of a natural product and therefore make each hat unique. 

- Full grain leather: Scratch marks and scars are accentuated by the oils in this leather and give your hat the unique rugged look indicative of the outdoors . To care for your hat, re-oil occasionally with good quality leather food. This leather is water resistant if cared for. 

- Suede leather: a split leather with its own unique feel and look. This leather is showerproof but may become wet if worn i continual rain. 

Wash in clean water, and dry slowly in the shade. Brush lightly afterwards. 

Please be sure to follow care instructions to keep your Selke Headgear in good condition. 

Care Instructions: 

Full Grain Leather: Re-oil occasionally with a good quality leather food. It will retain its water resistance if cared for. 

- Suede Leather: Must be washed behind in warm water. Hand scrub with liquid soap using a nail brush. 

- Fabric/Canvas: Wash in cold water only. DO NOT use soap or solvent. Fabric can b brushed with a nailbrush. 

- Rinse and dry slowly in the SHADE. 

(these instructions are provided on the label of the product when purchase) 

IMPORTANT: Shrinkage and distortion will occur if this product is exposed to excessive heat!

Approximate Selke Hat Sizing: 

Extra Small (XS) Small (S) Medium (M) Large (L) Extra Large (XL) Extra, Extra Large (XXL)
52-53cm 54-55cm 56-57cm 58-59cm 60-61cm 62cm


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