McDonald - Possum & Merino Short Plain Glovelet

McDonald - Possum & Merino Short Plain Glovelet
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  • For those that suffer from cold hands but want to remain 'hands-on', these Merino and Possum glovelets are definitely the answer.
  • Ensuring the thermal-sensitive wrist area is kept well insulated, is key to maintaining even circulation to the fingers.
  • The natural blend of 55% Merino wool, 35% Possum fur and 10% Mulberry silk offers the best level of insulation, breathability and warmth.
  • One size fitting makes shopping 'fuss free', with 10 great colours to choose from. Everyone deserves a couple of pair.
  • Proudly New Zealand made by McDonald Textiles, renown for natural, quality and long lasting Merino and Possum knitwear.
  • Hand wash and dry flat naturally following care instructions attached.

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