Black Hills Natural Coloured Undyed 14 Ply Boucle Wool

Black Hills Natural Coloured Undyed 14 Ply Boucle Wool
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  • This wool has been knitted by fashion designers and modelled on the catwalks of Europe in a range of fashionable knits for men and women.
  • If you want to add the textural element to your knitwear pattern along with a contrast of colour then this boucle yarn is a great choice.
  • The colour is superb and will suit many people and create a garment that can be worn with any colour.
  • The yarn is 150 Metres long or 164 yards.
  • This 100% natural undyed wool is organically grown in North Canterbury at Black Hills Station from sheep especially selected for their fibre quality using sustainable bio-gro certified products which are eco-friendly.
  • The result is a soft, lofty yarn that is knitted on 6- 6.5 mm needles. Hand washing following knitting will release the lanolin from the wool making it softer to the touch.
  • Handwash with a warm rinse. Dry flat in shade. Dry cleanable.
  • Proudly New Zealand made with the help of the sheep at Black Hills Station.

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