Royal Alpaca - Lace Wrap

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How stunning is our Royal Alpaca - Lace Wrap!

This piece is super versatile and lightweight, wear it as an oversized scarf during the day and over your shoulders as a shawl in the evening. This style can be worn in both summer and winter. 

Simply a perfect garment to treat yourself with, or someone special.

Available in six stunning colours: Azalea, Black, Chamois, Chilli, Lime and Tangerine.

Please note the main model in the images is wearing the colour 'Tangerine' and the second model is wearing the colour 'Azalea'. 

One Size Only. (Perfect for a gift or easy fit!) Measures: 93 cm x 130 cm 

Be sure to carefully follow the care instructions attached. 

Proudly New Zealand made by Royal Alpaca from 100% Baby Alpaca. 

Information about Alpaca Fleece :

Alpaca fleece is a lustrous silky natural fibre which has very few prickly guard hairs so it is smooth and soft against the skin. It is a dry fleece which does not contain lanolin, which makes it irritative and hypoallergenic. 

- Going beyond the resistance to wear and tear, alpaca wool is extremely soft, making this one of our more comfortable products, that is exceptionally pleasant to the touch without the prickly feel sometimes associated with sheep wool.

- Alpaca wool has a naturally occurring hollow core to its fibres, similar to possum fur. This gives it extreme warmth, by effectively adding a natural insulation to a well designed product.

- Alpaca fibre is incredibly soft and it’s been sought after for over 5,000 years. Alpaca were first bred for their fleece by the Inca is South America. They found the fleece so luxurious they names it "The Fibre of the Gods." Fortunately it’s now spread around the world and alpacas are finally being reared in New Zealand, which means everyone gets to take advantage of the warm, strong, and soft Alpaca fibres.

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