Snoclothes - Merino Handy Band

Snoclothes - Merino Handy Band
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  • This Snoclothes Handy Band is fantastic if you’re looking for a garment that can do everything. Turn it into a Beanie, Snood, Hair Band, Legionnaire, Scarf, Headband, or Neck Warmer in seconds.
  • Snoclothes decided to make their versatile band from 100% Merino Rib Wool, so it’s extremely soft and comfortable on your head. It only weighs 170gm and is thin enough to roll into a small ball.
  • It’s the perfect accessory for travelling.
  • It’s great for fishing, walking, biking, skiing, running, and dozens of other activities too (even if you’re wearing a helmet).
  • One size fits all.
  • Proudly made in New Zealand by Snoclothes with a little help from Mother Nature.

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