A.M.O. Manuka Sports Cream

A.M.O. Manuka Sports Cream
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  • A.M.O Manuka Anti-inflammatory Cream is a strong blend of anti-inflammatory oils in a cream base, developed to help with soft tissue injury or when aches and pains occur.
  • This cream is an excellent all purpose anti-inflammatory; useful after injury, in post physiotherapy care and for use as a warm up rub for tendons and muscles prior to strenuous activity.
  • A.M.O Anti-inflammatory Cream contains both red and white manuka oils, combined with marjoram and peppermint oils.
  • Apply frequently and liberally, as required, for loosening tight and sore muscles and tendons, prior or post strenuous activity.
  •  Initially two applications 15 minutes apart are recommended after soft tissue injury and the anti-inflammatory action can be enhanced with heat pads.
  • This New Zealand made cream comes in a 100g pot and has a long shelf life.

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