Classic Sheepskin - Natural Sheepskin Rug (Dark Brown Variation)

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Natural Sheepskin Rug (Dark Brown Variation) 

The iconic single natural sheepskin rug. This versatile sheepskin is a staple for most kiwi homes. Now the world is starting to join the trend. Draped over furniture, a cushion on firm chairs, a luxury foot stool cover or simply laid next to the bed single sheepskins are a must for every home. Classic single sheepskins are designed to be loved and are a durable piece that can last a life time. With luxuriously soft wool fibres these Sheepskin rugs are perfect to snuggle your hands and toes into.

No natural sheepskin is exactly the same, each one is unique. Colour, shape, size, wool length and thickness varies slightly per sheepskin as do sheep! Due to the natural differences between each sheepskin, we cannot offer a specific individual sheepskins, you will get one in a similar colouring to the the one pictured. To make your selection better we have offered specific colour/blend variations on 6 listings to help get a more specific colour/shade choice. If you wish to choose an exact specific sheepskin, you will need to visit our physical store and select one in person. 

Classic New Zealand sheepskins are selected for their soft, luxurious wool and avoid the use of heavy bleaching to ensure the sheepskin is kept as natural as possible. Classic sheepskin rugs are the premium quality choice of sheepskins from sustainable sources all produced in Napier, New Zealand. These beautiful natural coloured sheepskins make a great special gift or great for around the home. With all the same properties of a natural white sheepskin they can be used in all the same ways. The colourings are diverse and help bring a natural look to any room. 

SHEEPSKIN CARE: Classic sheepskins are easy care and regular brushing, vacuuming and shaking helps restore the pile and keep them free from dust. To clean, use a small amount of water and wool-wash as per the details below. Lightly sponge over the wool side only focusing on rubbing through the wool and not the skin underneath. Brush to restore pile and dry slowly in the shade. Only use a small amount of an approved Neutral or Mild Sheepskin Wash. If unavailable, then just use water. Do not use any Bleach or Enzyme Washing Products. Machine washable in cold water these can last a lifetime. Only use cold water. Avoid Direct Heat when drying, dry outside in the shade or inside away from heaters, radiators or fires. Using a clothes rack to lay the sheepskin flat is a good way to dry a skin. Do not let the sheepskin dry out too fast, it is best to leave a small amount of moisture in the skin. After the sheepskin is dry, brush with a pet brush to restore pile and finish with a solid shake.

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