Manawa - Rewarewa Honey 250g

Manawa - Rewarewa Honey 250g
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  • Made by the Tuhoe, 'Children of the Mist', guardians of Te Urewera native forest at the heart (Manawa) of New Zealand comes this 100% pure and natural honey, just as the bees make it.
  • Rewarewa honey is a red amber full bodied honey that is rich in antioxidants and comes from the stunning honeysuckle tree that grows in the vast pristine forests of Urewera.
  • The ancient forests of the Ureweras offer copious supplies of pollen and nectar, great for bee health, so that the purest honey without contaminating practices is produced.
  • Use daily. Drizzle over or add to foods and drinks for flavour and nutrition.
  • Store away from sunlight at less than 20 degrees.
  • Proudly New Zealand made with some help from the bees, this honey has been gathered with great care - all the way from forest and the beehive to the jar.
  • Please note the image depicts a 500g jar, and demonstrates the packaging of this 250g jar only.

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