Natures Best Baby Alpaca Shawl

Natures Best Baby Alpaca Shawl
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The feather & fan stitch composes a timeless elegant style, complemented through use of Alpaca Fleece.

Alpaca wool  provides a durable alternative to merino, with the advantage of avoiding allergies associated with merino. This makes Alpaca Fleece a hypoallergenic due to the lack of lanolin, which is present in sheep wool.

Going beyond the resistance to wear and tear, alpaca wool is extremely soft, making this one of our more comfortable products, that is exceptionally pleasant to the touch without the prickly feel sometimes associated with sheep wool.

Alpaca Fleece has a naturally occurring hollow core to its fibres, similar to possum fur. This gives it extreme warmth, by effectively adding a natural insulation to a well designed product.

One Size Only : Length 144cm x Width 68cm. 

100% Alpaca Fleece.

New Zealand made, in the Bay of Plenty.

Care instructions, hand wash:warm water. Do not rub, spin, soak, bleach or hand wring. Use mild detergent, warm iron and it is also dry cleanable.

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