Natures Best Alpaca Lace Scarf

Natures Best Alpaca Lace Scarf
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    • Beautifully knitted from 100% pure, natural Alpaca wool, this gorgeous lace scarf is sure to compliment the wearer.
    • The lace knit has an attractive wave pattern that feminises this scarf in a classic and timeless style.
    • Choose a matching beanie, for yourself of another, the one size fitting makes shopping a breeze.
    • Warm and insulating the lightweight, lofty fibres of Alpaca are soft to the touch and non-itch.
    • Natures Best knitwear is proudly New Zealand made by Beverley Knitwear and available in five colour options.
    • Measures 160cm long by 18cm wide with scalloped edges at the scarf ends.
    • Hand wash and dry flat following care instructions attached.

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