Windermere Natural Brushed Alpaca Throw - Apache

Windermere Natural Brushed Alpaca Throw - Apache
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  • 100% natural alpaca fibre has been carefully sourced from top farms throughout New Zealand and Australia in order to create this luxurious and gorgeous brushed alpaca throw.
  • Alpaca fibre is incredibly soft and it’s been sought after for over 5,000 years. Inca royalty used to wear the woven alpaca fibre when it was created in the Andes of South America in ancient times.
  • Fortunately it’s now spread around the world and alpacas are finally being reared in New Zealand, which means everyone gets to take advantage of the warm, strong, and soft alpaca fibres.
  • The alpaca fibres aren’t just hugely popular due to their natural insulating properties. They are completely non-irritative and hypoallergenic too.
  • This beautiful dye free alpaca throw is 185cm x 125cm (72" x 50") in size and it’s also fringed at each end.
  • You’ll notice the dominant shade in this particular throw is natural cream. Aside from the base colour you also have bold bands of brown + grey and even finer bands of fawn intersecting through the throw.
  • You can hand wash or dry clean the alpaca throw.
  • Proudly made in New Zealand and woven by Masterweave Textiles.

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